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Weinstein Is Arrested on Rape Charges in New York

  • Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to be arrested by New York City detectives on charges that he raped one woman and forced another to perform oral sex on him.
  • The Hollywood mogul’s fall last year set off a worldwide reckoning over sexual misconduct.


Cohen Met Oligarch at Trump Tower to Discuss Russia

The meeting, which took place 11 days before the inauguration, preceded a $1 million contract that Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s lawyer, received from a firm tied to the Russian oligarch.


Understanding Ireland’s Vote on Its Abortion Ban

Results of two exit polls, which are not necessarily predictive, showed voters favored repeal by a large margin. Here’s background on the ban and the effort to repeal it.


U.S.C. President Will Step Down Over Gynecologist Scandal

The president of the University of Southern California had come under increasingly heavy fire in the last year for his handling of several scandals, the most recent of which was a campus doctor accused of abusing students under his care.

Kimberly Elkins, left, and William Tylor Kendall. Credit Left: Minnesota Department of Corrections; Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office,

They Shared Drugs. Someone Died. Who Is Responsible?

Prosecutors are increasingly treating overdose deaths as homicides, but they aren’t just going after dealers. Friends, family and fellow users are going to prison.


The Workologist

How to Help People Who Need It More Than They Know

It took forever to find a qualified candidate for an opening. Now the new guy is struggling and resists supervision. How can he be reined in and guided toward success?

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On Soccer

How Italian Disco Became Liverpool’s League Anthem

In England, soccer fans know it as simply “Allez Allez Allez,” but its roots can be traced to an Italian disco hit in 1985. So how did an Italian song of the moment make it to Liverpool?

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Small-Town Wisdom for You and Me

It takes a lot to create a community that reflects the Enlightenment principle of equality for all. Are pig farmers better at it than urban professionals?

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